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  • What Is MELO

    It's a background music provider.

    MELO is licensed, royalty fee background music streaming service, which is counted for hotels, restaurants, 
    cafes, bars and so on.
     (see full list below) 
    We own a huge music library on which you'll have access through the web page. It gives you flexibility to control and choose the most suitable music for your business by genres and tempo from any device and any place you want.

  • Why i need this?

    To have appropriate, high quality and uninterrupted music in your venue

    Generally, in Georgian reality, music 

    is played as follows: One of the employees is told to choose music,

    soft jazz for the cafe for instance.

    The process of choosing takes lots of time, also some music might have low quality, the genre might be unsuitable for the venue or might be played on inapropriate volume - very low or high.  In the case of our service, you won't have to worry about issues listed above. Also you'll have full control of music from anywhere via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You'll be capable of changing, blocking, adding music in the playlist, or just tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest.

  • Is it licensed for business?

    Catalog with more than 300,000 licensed music.

    Playing music in a commercial space, unlike to personal usage music, requires specific licensing and payments.
    Our music is fully licensed for business use and includes all fees. In our music library, you'll find all styles and genres, which gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable music for your business and create a pleasant atmosphere. It will positively drive your customers toward your brand.

  • what's the impact on sales?

     background music 

    increases sales. 

    It's proven fact!

    Scientific researches and observations revealed that background music affects subconsciously on the buying process, on time spent in the trading area and on customer behavior. Properly selected music, it's genre and the tempo creates a positive attitude toward the brand and pushes the customer to buy more.

HOW to ACTIVATE service



You can give us a call or send a request on mail.

Tell us about the venue you need music for, what genres you want, how many independent zones you have and what is each music zone size. 


Before service subscription, you can try 2-week free trial. If you will like it and consider that it's exactly what you needed, we will send you pricing and sign agreement.


After the agreement, we will give you a small size device, which must be connected to internet in your venue
(wired or wireless) 
Also, this device must be connected to your 

audio system - to an amplifier or a speaker
(see connection drawing)


Finaly, via web page, you'll connect to our device and get access to the music library. This page will be your control panel, where you'll have

full control over the music. You'll be able to create playlists, add music, change genre and so on.



Control from

any place

You can control music with your phone, tablet or PC from

any place in internet coverage areas.

Offline caching

Despite unforeseen issues with the internet, you'll still be able to play music uninteruptelly.


You'll be able to schedule music genres or tempo throughout the day or weekdays. For example, in day time you can play energetic POP music and at night-time slow blues. Also, you won't have to worry about when to start or stop the music. It will happen automatically.

create playlists

Create the most willing and suitable playlist for your business effortlessly, from the library with

more than 300,000 music of any genre. 




















  • Installation

    Our specialist will connect MELO device to your audio system, checks if everything works and will make training.

  • Playlist arrangement

    Music specialists can create tracks for you and vary them monthly or quarterly.

  • Audio messaging

    We can provide you with audio messaging service,

    what will increase sales of particular goods or services and message customers different information.

  • Sonic logo

    Sonic logo is the combination of sounds, whic is associated with particular brand or company, for instance 3 note musical sound wich is associated with TBC bank.

    Our specialist will take care for creation those unique notes, wich will be assoiciated only with your brand.

  • Signature sounds

    Similarly to sonic logo, signature sound is unique combination of sounds which will be associated to your brand or services.


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